Scorsese Sellout


I guess everyone’s wants to be popular these days with the demographic group of 18-35 year olds. Even Scorsese seems to have rolled over and fallen into the pit…of the horror genre…

Wine is Poison!

Amazing collection of strange ephemera from Flicker group Exotic Ephemera! Design ain’t what it used to be!


Real Bathroom Service…The Relaxation Unit!

What everyone needs for a pleasant morning. “…Provides ample space for cigarettes and matches, knick-knacks (and what would those be?) ashtray, magazines, newspapers and toilet paper (I guess toilet paper, last on the list, is the least important item for your bathroom) Found this on Retro Renovation, a great site.


A most bizarre ad

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This is one of the weirdest ads I’ve come across in a while! Ah Rajasthan, heh…