Chopragupta The Great

dear friends–

I thought I’d make my first entry with a word of thanks to my dear friend, Apaarjeet (also known in Poland as Prince Chopi The First:, Dr Chopi, or HRH Chopragupta The Great):

“Sicilia cannot show himself over-kind to Bohemia. They were trained together in their childhoods; and there rooted betwixt them then such an affection, which cannot choose but branch now. Since their more mature dignities and royal necessities made separation of their society, their encounters, though not personal, have been royally attorneyed with interchange of gifts, letters, loving embassies; that they have seemed to be together, though absent, shook hands, as over a vast, and embraced, as it were, from the ends of opposed winds. The heavens continue their loves!”

(Shakespeare, Winter’s Tale, I, 1)

Hope this little place will allow for just that — “interchange of gifts, letters, loving embassies”! Thanks, Chopi!

Anybody interested in, metaphysical poetry?

Anybody interested in metaphysical poetry?

Okay maybe not or maybe so but the site is pretty interesting. If you’re feeling introspective.

45 f*cking degrees!

45 f*cking degrees! I can’t remember what that feels like, just remember sitting in cars in delhi during those heat waves, why I was in cars during that heat, I’m not sure. But somehow I miss that heat…here’s it’s painfully perfect on a daily basis that you feel if you don’t go to the beach you should be rounded up, taken to a really ugly trailer and tied up with all those other bad people that watch crappy tv during hot beautiful, sunny days. Oh well life in a seasonal place. So, what else? Got to go and pick up loyal husband. Or royal, I’m not sure.