St. Pauls School, Darjeeling, India

St. Pauls School, Darjeeling, I spent seven good years of my life here. It was a great experience, Here’s some interesting facts about my school from the wikipedia entry…most of the rest is quoted with my comments, such as they are! I should edit that wikipedia entry with some reality as I knew it back then…

It is claimed to be the highest public school in the world, located at 7500 feet above sea level. The famous Kanchenjunga mountain range forms the scenic backdrop to the school. The school is physically separated from Darjeeling by its location on a high hill that is a few kilometres above the main town. I always assumed 7600 feet but perhaps that was Jalapahar, the army camp above us, kinda makes sense.

Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind) is said to have been born in the school campus — at a place now known as Pelly’s. Today, Pelly’s houses staff members teaching at the school. I always knew this area as Dawkins (1979-1986, while I was there), a teacher’s house adjoining our basketball court, and the way I heard it, she was a teacher’s daughter, but we knew she was born there…

The wikipedia entry on her seems to be unclear on this claiming Leigh was born Vivian Mary Hartley in Darjeeling, British India to Ernest Hartley, an officer in the Indian Cavalry who was of English parentage, and Gertrude Robinson Yackje, whose heritage is in question. She claimed to be of Irish descent, but it is likely that she also had Armenian or Parsee Indian ancestry.[1]

I was lucky that through my years at the school we had in my opinion, the best Rector ever, Hari Dang, (1962: Second Indian Expedition with Major John Dias as leader. Returning to the SE Ridge route, climbers Sonam Gyatso, Hari Dang, and Mohan Kohli are forced to retreat from a high point of 28,600 feet (8720 meters) because of bad weather.) As I heard it he lost his toes on this climb, and that just made him so much more impressive to me!

Blackies is the school tuck shop which got its name from the fact that it was run by Indians when the student population was primarily non-Indian. There is no historical certainty about this and the name has been used for very many decades with great affection for the facility.

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  1. The Inheritance of Loss Says:

    […] of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is very close to Darjeeling, where I went to school for seven years. See related, we had a lovely view of Kanchenjunga from the school, I’m very fond of this mountain and that […]

  2. sunil tiwari Says:

    hi.this is sunil………i really miss st.pauls…..wish i can get back my previous days

  3. debabrata Says:

    hi guys even i miss sps alot n i hav studied there 4 10 years

  4. Chris Tobin Says:

    I left SPS in December 1963 and India in January 1966. I am really looking to returning for a visit in october 2008. Each year in School we counted the days to GHD, now I am counting the days to SPS.

    Chris Tobin
    Betten 56/57
    Hastings 58/63

  5. Shampa Mukhopadhyay Says:

    Dear guys,
    I am no one to your school yet I always keep watching this site.I am an English teacher working at Kolkata.I had always longed to be one of your St.Pauls family member.I have a knowledge in Japanese too (having passed two levels in J.L.P.T.),so if any time I am required pl. let me know.I have nurtured my love for St.Pauls from my very childhood.

  6. Chopi Says:

    Have a great trip in October, Chris!

    I have not been back for a visit since I left in 1986, and eagerly look forward to going back up there at some point. Would love to take my family there to show them the school.

    I want to do the trek to Sandakphu again at some point as well. Rhododendron Wine at 10000ft, pure heaven!

  7. tushar kanti Says:

    sp is the world’s best school.I stayed there for6 years and the school really rocks

  8. wangchuk Says:

    no doubt the best school…..waking up at 3 in the morning to decorate the field for sports day ……wishing frens at 12 at night when the whole world is fast asleep….bunking to george ….everythin and anything is gr8 fun …this is what u call life


    Hi I am javed khadim. spent 10 wonderful years at SPS.Imiss that part of my life. Iwould love to be in touch with any OP..

  10. Laffing Sun Says:

    Dear Ms. Shampa Mukhopadhyay,
    How does one go about learning the Japanese language at Kolkata? I am intrigued by the place, the people and their strange culture. have visited the country twice, each time for a fortnight and have a plethora of anecdotes to narrate.

  11. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    Hello everyone, was in St.Pauls for a while, 94-05, Everest, Cable, and Hastings. It was a bit of an experience..

  12. Namgyel Pala Rangdol Says:

    Hi …. i was in Saint Paul’s School from 1995 – 2002 …. 8 wonderful years …. amazing ….. used to bunk to Jordans a lot. I miss the dance days ….

  13. satish Says:


    I have two child one is girl n 2nd one is boy.i want to admit in ur school in 5th n 3rd std.Uhave hostal facilities there.When the admission will be going on.I want to know the details about school n admission.What is the per anum fee structure for the two kids.

    Awaiting for a favourable reply.


  14. Chopi Says:

    Hi Satish, this is not the official St. Pauls School website, here is the link to the official school website:

    Admission details etc. can be found on there. It’s an all boys school only though, best of luck, it’s a great school for your boy!

  15. promod Says:

    Hi , my best years till now was spent in sps. bunking to jords,the p.d,blackies,boxie and the list will carry on. i studied there from 1 till 6th form i was in Lw and did ISC in the year 1993.

  16. jig Says:

    All this talk about how SP was great is fine but that was in the past. Today the school is appalling and the standard has dropped immensely. Have a look at this video as it would give you an idea as to what the school has become

  17. sagar thapa Says:

    umm what to say just gave my ISC ,last paper was on 18 n afta that i came back to my home sweet home where there is a lot of loadshedding anyway it was good studying in SP n hope to meet some OP’s since i am now officialy an OP too…

  18. Lalu Says:

    hi, im planning to go to this school next year, can someone help me with the details, such as fees and stuff,
    as i cannot find this on the official website

    does it offer IB or AP?

  19. Chopi Says:

    Lalu, it’s on the official website, here’s the link:

  20. ashish gupta Says:

    hi guys it was gr8 fun at hope culd get back there, really miss sp a lot…

  21. NAVRAj TIWARi Says:

    Like I tOuT iD B bAcK So im heAr bT Im BaCk lIKe Im rUNnin dA SP TRaCk a pAuLItE In FoRm gREEtInG tO All My pAulItE bRoTHerS sTRAiGHt frOm My HEARt………….

  22. Josh Says:

    This school is not the Saint Paul’s School of before. Visit it today and you realise it’s become Saint Paul’s Nepali High School..

  23. Andrew Tobin Says:

    Further to the Vivien Leigh story. I was there from 1957-65 and my English teacher was a James Clarke who showed us a picture of himself as a young university student in Cambridge and a young Vivien Leigh. Apparently James was at a student party and woke the next morning besides Vivien. It was, he said, his first experience with a woman. Might well have been his last, to boot. I never knew she was born in Darjeeling.


  24. Chopi Says:

    @Andrew, that’s funny…her connection to the school always interested me, I grew up watching her movies.

    @Josh, that’s sad to hear.

  25. Obaid Malik Says:

    Hey.. somebody plz say something about Alu Bari and PonyStand too… :-) and the Long Bell… :-) and about the PDs… yeah! it was THE YEARS.. i left St.Paul’s in 97. Clive house, Lions and Cottonfield dorm.

  26. prayan pradhan Says:

    02-03 tenzing
    04-06 cable
    07-08 hasting
    icse batch of ’09

    sps…what an incredible 7 years..its been mere months since i left sps to shift to england and i’ve alrady started missing the place. the way we got freaked out in the cotton hall bogs or in johnson wall..the way our hearts beat while bunking down to geroges and corners..the way we got conked out running down the chapel slpoes during PD..the way you suddenly feel energetic (even tho you were tired) when you heard the long bell for sunshine holiday..the list goes on and on..

    just want everyone to know that theres no better place than in uk is just not the same.



  27. TAZKIA Says:

    St. Pauls School will always be a palce of respect and honor for me, as it’s my LOVE’S school.

  28. Yonten "Banduk" Gurung Says:

    Only two years in SPS…but the best two years of my life…..bonded with the best of friends…met the best of teachers and made a lifetime of memories !!….

    how i CRAVE to go back there…it’s just like my friend Dorje “Anda” Gurung once said….

    “It’s funny how when we we were back in school,we longed for sunshine holidays and now that it’s all over,we wanna go back.”

    it was all good back then….late risings…bunking down to Jordan’s and Corner’s….all the sports seasons…marathon…rooting for our team when rival schools competed against us…..annual pillow fight….GHD….House Concerts….Late Night Alu Parathas…..Man,the list goes on……

    to put it short,all i wanna say is that…..I Love St.Paul’s and i owe everything i have ever become,to this glorious institution of learning…may the Paulites shine this day and for evermore……

    -Yonten Gurung
    Clive House

  29. yash agarwal Says:

    i dont know but i still miss st pauls. i was in everest and westcott house and now i am studying in the doon school’ dehradun. i specially remember marathon and bunking.
    moniti meliora sequamor!

  30. prayan pradhan Says:

    u knoe u’re a PAULITE wen:

    – You preferred to eat out at Jordans and Corner’s instead of the school canteen.
    – You knew that the school basketball team is always moreover like a hostel team.
    – You joined the School Teams just to visit various places.
    – You know the complete lyrics of the song “Showers of Blessing”.
    – You didn’t participate in the sports day but still hoped to get a medal from friends.
    – You thought ‘Tinkle’ was the best comic available in the world.
    – You have been a victim of Mr. Pande’s punches.
    – You can communicate in the Shakespearian Language, i.e thou,thy,etc
    – You have watched the movie MAIN HOON NA which was shot at our school.
    – You dont know Mr.D.Pradhan’s personal theory of length and depth.
    – You knew the school ended at 1:40 pm.
    – You have visited the school Chapel before the exams just for the sake of passing.
    – You kept complaining about the Hostel but still got admitted every following year.
    – You have bunked march past practices at least once.
    – You are familiar with four names, i.e ;LAWRENCE,HASTINGS,HAVELOCK,CLIVE.
    – You favourite class was Maths
    – Your love story started in the borders of the MH fence and ended in the same fence.
    – You being a Nepali could’nt still read and write porperly in Nepali.
    – Your excuse for leave was always Diarrahoea or Headache.
    – You know the secrets of minimizing the pain from the caning in the ass and hands.
    – You scribbled the word ur gal’s on your book,desk,etc .
    – You cursed yourself for having not studied only after you came out of the examination hall.
    – You scribbled about your existence on every desk you placed your ass on.
    – You had at least one nickname.
    – You wore loose fitting clothes and party shoes because that meant being cool.
    – You knew tomorrow would be a school holiday, if somebody from the school died today.
    – You are still scared of dat hauntin experience u had in da cotton hall toilet.
    – You have your contributions to one of the scribblings and drawings in school walls.
    – Lastly,though you hated your stay in SPS,today you die to go back there………..


  31. Tony Davies Says:

    Guys, if you’re missing school why don’t you join us at We currently have 300 members, so I’m sure you’ll find some old friends there! Registration is required but it’s a simple enough process. Look forward to seeing you there!


  32. Chopi Says:

    @Tony, just figured that that’s Zubin’s old site that you have ported across. Did you guys move all the existing accounts as well or does one have to re-sign up even if one was registered while it was on Zubin’s site?

    There’s also a fairly active facebook group for those OP’s who may be interested here;

  33. Syed Emad Uddin Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I need the E-mail and Contact address of St. Pauls School in Darjeeling for admission of my son. I need more E-mail and contact detail for other schools in Darjeeling too.

    Thanks and regards.



  34. kamrul hassan Says:

    Dtd : Oct 17, 2009

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Found your e-mail id from web site. Anyway, my son & my daughter wants to take admission in class two/eight respectively in your reputed academy.
    So could you pls infm me detail info regarding admissions.

    Fyi !! we are living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Awating for your kind response by rtn mail.

    Thanks & best regards

    Kamrul Hassan.

  35. Chopi Says:

    @Kamrul & Syed: this is not the official St. Pauls School website, here is the link to the official school website:

  36. Flashmob Says:

    best article I read about this yet!

  37. shatrughan roy s/o sh.lakhan roy Says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am shatrughan roy from delhi can you provide me a contact no of Sir SUBIR ROY AND SIKHA ROY.
    I will be very thankful to you if do the same



  38. Rubel Hossain. Says:

    i have studied at saint paul’s for 5 yrs.
    it is the best thing that has happnd in my life..
    din wnt to leve the school but thats the way it had to happen….
    Jst lyk Mr. J. Singh says, ”In our times…”
    i would only say, ”those were the days”
    It is indeed the best school in the world…..

  39. Tricia Says:

    who knows the son of Sita featured in the BBC series?

  40. rahulhaque Says:

    hi guys , i rahul haque who had left the school and now who is very alone sorry to say but my friends i had studied for few years and i will never forget the love the respect and every thing which i had got from my school thanks to every teachers and my friends . s.t.pauls rocks . upward the old school calls st pauls st pauls st pauls ST.PAULS’.

  41. rifaz Says:

    im just a normal american kid and my dad is gonna send me to this school. is it a good place? because i spent a lot of hard work to go into a school called Middle School 51 in New York and i was surprised my dad was going to send me to india.well wish me good luck

  42. Blackie's Says:

    No offence to the Paulites of the nineties and the present.. But distinct degeneration is evident from the eighties.. Flashpoint : Gorkhaland agitation, when the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the school took a dive, discipline went out of the window and the standards definitely hit a nadir.. The reason is the political scenario which has prevailed over the last 2 decades. I have been to the school a number of times during this decade and also seen the boys in town during town leave on Sundays. It was quite horrifying to see sixth formers ( I assume they were sixth formers, judging from their mature looks) with loosened ties, brown shoes and blazers slung casually over their shoulders.. Made me wince.. SPS is my home, where I was shaped, moulded, found brothers in strangers, laughed, cried, and revere it totally. But I am saddened by what it is today… Forgive me if I have hurt anybody’s sensibilities..


    I am a Commerce background M.Com , LLB. I will be pleased if i can share my knowledge with my juniors at this school. It’s a nobel place, so we shall try to maintain it’s nobelness.

  44. Tina Singh Says:

    The name Dawkins brings so many memories back…. not because Vivien Leigh was born in that house but because I spent my childhood in that house. My father Mr Hardip Singh worked at St Pauls Schools for 20 years and he lived at Dawkins…… I was born at Dawkins and I have beautiful memories that still linger or should I say haunt me to return to the place once more. I lived at Dawkins for 14 years and they were the best days of my life… I remember every flower, every unturned stone every tree.. I remember my neighbours ( Mr Kabir Mustafi, Mr Daljit Singh) and the pranks we played on them… I remember my kitchen window overlooking the basketball court and all my holidays that I spent playing basketball by my self….. I remember the hill covered with a million lilies (bet Wordsworth would have not seen as many daffodils) I miss the sound of the stream that would ring in my ears on a quiet afternoon…. I miss the light I saw on the opposite hill on a lonely dark night……..

  45. Tina Singh Says:

    I feel more a part of St Pauls School than any Paulite… Not only did I study there(primary wing- 1981 to 1985…class 1to 5) but it was the only home I knew….

  46. samir ahmed Says:

    sp was great…..11 years and now im into the haed world in england thank you st pauls for what i am

  47. aman baweja Says:

    nowadays is it worth sending boys to hostels (st pauls) with the changing scenario (smoking bunking) in practise what about the academic part ? as am planning to send my son to sps will it be a wise decision? please do guide . as myself never been to a hostel thanks in advance

  48. gaurav laha Says:

    SPS is really the one place I really miss now.The Wai-wai or the Scrambled egg(primary wing),or the Baths tht I took in PW,or Mr.J.Singh coming with a mug of water to throw to late-risers in the morn in rectory before the drills…i will never forget that..!
    Times Change and every small incident is now a memory….even the day when it was raining heavily probably a storm,the entire Rectory students gone for their Excursion except me,the door being locked and I running up the dangerous hill to the Basti to get the keys…!!!all alone in rectory..well,SPS moves on..and I shall also have to,albeit my hart being a Bit heavier
    an Old Paulite
    Gaurav Laha

  49. gaurav laha Says:

    It seems it was just yesterday that I was there,blue 3 piece suit,with the trademark umbrella in my hand,circling it round and round,going for my Town Leave…..!!
    diwali…lower field alight with crackers!

  50. Sunando Sen Says:

    My dear Old Paulites,
    I stumbled on to this site and was quite pleased that I did so.

    My name is Sunando Sen (Lw’73) and would like to convey my greetings to those reading here.

    This message to you has a reason.

    Some of you may recall a colourful character Amarnath Tiwary of the ’72 Clive batch ? Amarnath
    was diagnosed with blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma a form of Leukaemia) about two
    years ago.He has been bravely fighting it and has been on chemotherapy etc..Unfortunately
    chemotherapy induces temporary remission – which did happen for Amarnath,but after a while
    the body cannot take this treatment anylonger and the next level is a Bone Marrow stem cell
    transplant.In the absence of a fitting donor the procedure would have to be an ‘autologous
    stem-cell transplant”- this is the only procedure which can save the patient and allow him to
    live disease free.

    Presently Amarnath’s chemo continues however, the need for a transplant has become inevitable.
    The cost of this transplant will be in the region of 35 to 50 Lakhs including providing for post
    transplant complications.

    Amarnath is a career politician from the Congress party from Purnea (Bihar) and was an elected
    legislative member for 10 years.Unfortunately he did not make any illicit gains and has been very
    active in social causes,like the Kosi floods where he informatively not only raised funds but used
    his own money too.For the past 2+ years he has not been able to focus on his business and has
    been funding his treatment and other expenses by selling land etc..He is not going to be able to
    go through the transplant unless he gets finacial support.

    The OPA from Calcutta – basically the batches between ’69 and ’74 have been outstanding in
    efforts to rise to the cause.We have been able to raise and got firm commitments for almost 29L
    and are yet to build up the level to 50L to ensure a safety net in terms of funds.The date fixed for the
    procedure is 10th Jan’11 in Delhi.

    The fund collecting campaign is being co ordinated by Sumant Dalmiya (Cl’71).The funds will be
    channeled through the OPA trust so that Amarnath does not come under any Tax issues.The details of
    this will be available from Sumant.(

    May I request you all and thos who can afford to, to please also rise to the occasion and contribute to
    the cause.

  51. Atiqul Huda Says:

    I have read all the comments & I am very much interested to enroll my daughter in SPS. Presently she is in 8th grade in Southbridge school in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  52. harish kumar Says:

    to Atiqul Huda this is a ONLY BOYS school

  53. Navin Kumar Says:

    I want to send my Son (5Yeras 4months) in St. Paul in Std. 1 in 2011-12 session. Can anyone advice me about school’s present status i.e. Decipline, Academic, hostel life for small kids, etc. so that it can help me in making right decision. Thanks In Advance.

  54. gaurav Says:

    The best..though,good to take a trip and see the facilities urself..parents might want to c faculty etc..and..the child will become completely independent and well-disciplined no doubt

  55. jollt Says:

    hey i m jolly from Bangladesh. i want to got my son admitted in 2012 session in std. 3. is this posiible as he will complete his std 2 by 2012? all i want to know is does they admit any class accept 1 & 2?? or my son has to study again in std 2 for admission there?

  56. Jayeeta Says:

    Hi, can any one tell me about the exixtance of any other website of this school except; at present this site is down..

  57. wangchuk Says:

    hi ,dis is wangchuk ..its been only about three months now since i’ve passed my class 12 board exams n left sp .buh i still miss sp immensely .d past seven years dat i spent der will always b cherished for d fun dat i’ve had der or for d invaluable lessons learnt der. sp is undoubtly one of d best places to learn n grow . Thank you sp .

  58. varsha daga Says:

    i have 2sons.i want them 2 study in st.pauls in class7 snd other in class 4.pls guide me about d procedure of admission in respective classes for d yr 2012-13.

  59. Pushpal Saha Says:

    The eight years at SP were the best part of my teenage life.Was in Everest,Anderson and Hastings.Really miss every part of it.I owe a lot to SP.

  60. Natthagarn P. Says:


    My son, from Thailand has joined the school this year in Grade 6th. For those who interest, please view the school at

  61. Bipul Adh Says:

    Hi, I am Bipul and am from Nepal,ktm i am in class 10 and i want to join St.Paul’s but i want to do A level and i want to know is there ‘A’ level ? Also i would like to know more about the sports i mean i play football and i want to know that are there any football grounds?

  62. S.Podder Says:

    Tina Singh from St.Paul’s (dawkins),daughter of Mr.Hardeep Singh

    Good to hear from you. How is Mr.Singh? Give him my regards. We used to live next door to yours alongwith Mr.Mustafi and Mr.Dwivedi. Mr.Singh often told me the bengalis spend too much on fish and meat and still they are nowhere as strong as the Sikhs. And I agreed.

    Since 2001, we are living in London.

  63. Sattu sr. Says:

    If I had a time machine ,I would go back to 1983 and just make it stop there and not let time move – Love you sps.

    Anil.S.Sinha (Lw/1991)

  64. Ehsanul Haque Says:

    The eight heavenly-years that I spent in SPS still linger in my memories. The value of the School is only realized once the boy passes out of it. St. Paul’s has only given to me. He has never taken anything much from me. I only wish I could do more to serve the School. I will never forget the times spent in the Chapel – the echoing prayers of the boys & the Choristers pouring out divinity from their crisp, finely-tuned voices! The Chapel played a big role in my upbringing. I may not have got the best results in my board examinations, but I did learn at SPS certain aspects of life – morality, humility, patience, adherence, amongst many others – and how to build up oneself in order to face the fast-changing world after stepping out of the School gates. St. Paul’s successfully makes a person independent, liberal, disciplined, well-mannered & most of all, a gentleman! May SPS live on to produce humanity for the world eternally. For me, the eighth wonder is St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling.

  65. Dipankar Banerjee Says:

    Two generations of my family members have passed out from St.Paul’s, i happen to be one of them from 1969 to 1979. My son was there from 1996 to 2006. My brother, his son,my cousin and my nephew are all old paulites. To us the school remains to be the most precious place in our lives.

  66. Ayon Chakraborty Says:

    Hi, my name is Ayon Chakraborty and i have spent 12 great years(1993-2005) of my life in St. Paul’s. I was a bit apprehensive when my father Mr.A.K.Chakraborty(Senior Catering Manager) was offered a job there. I remember the first time i was going up in the car from the Eden Falls way and i was wondering if the road lead to Heaven. Yes, it did. and Lo and Behold, Heaven it seemed as i first lay my eyes on our School. I remember having to bunk down for all the Sixth Forms as i was told “No one will tell you anything, you’re a Day scholar”. Bunking down to Georges during prep. Our first house(home) there was Lefroy’s and then Newton(opposite the Glass House-above the Kitchen) and then the last home was Bensons. I just want to share an incident that tells me how important SPS is in the life of an Old Paulite/Paulite (though this website is replete with enough examples): I was in Bangladesh with my family for a visit and happened to meet some friends,one of whom took me to his GrandMa’s House in the village. On reaching there what he told me is what i would like to share: He told me that he loved to visit his GrandMa’s place during the rains as she had tinned roofs and the sound indoors was queerly similar to that of the rains being heard from his dormitory. That is how much of an effect SPS has on the life of a student. Whatever i am today, i am because of SP. I owe everything to my Alma Mater. Guys who have passed out lately would be aware of the few anomalies we laugh about today, Weekly Test(twice or sometimes thrice a week), Morning Run(after Lunch) etc. Blackies menu innovations like the Chip Chop Bun and the Boxie’s Keema Bun are still ordered when i visit my parent who are still working there. Moniti Meliora Sequamur.

  67. faizan Says:

    hello,MY NAME IS Muhammad faizan .i would like to tell you that my father (name Muhammad ashique) had also study in st.Paul school..he was also an old polite..he tell me about the cultural activities and he told me about the very interesting sir MR.DAVID HOWARD..he also told me that the person who studied in st.Paul school are called as OLD POLITE….

  68. Ameeta Singh Says:

    Hello Dipankar,

    I am trying to find some family friends who were affiliated with your school…A Mr. Lahiri who I understand was a( The) Physical Director..two kids…Sonali and Jaydeep.
    The other person I am trying to locate is Paul Jones ( whose father was the Rev. W. W. Jones at Methodist High School, Kanpur).
    If there is someway you are able to help me locate these individuals, I would really appreciate it.
    Many thanks

    my email contact, ameetasinghATaolDOTcom

  69. Mohd Ashique Ali Says:

    Hi ! I am Ashique Ali known as the marathone man (school days), I would love to get in touch with the batch passing out in 1986, I realy miss St. Paul’s life, wish I get back to SPS once again.

  70. Andrew Tobin Says:

    Hello, could somebody out there please send me (via email) a digital image of St Paul’s with Kanchenjunga in the background. I have the famous Das Studio study taken in 1956, but I want (need) a colour picture. My email address is


    Andrew Tobin

    Betten and Hastings 1957-1965

  71. Anoopam Sinha Says:

    Why do people talk so highly of St Paul’s? This school’s history is full of violation of human rights. I am ashamed to have ever been part of it.

  72. Tony Davies Says:

    Anoopam Sinha,
    That’s quite a sweeping statement to make. Perhaps you would care to expand on what these “violations” were? As an Old Paulite myself I can’t recall my human rights being violated.

  73. Stuart D'Costa Says:

    Hi guys, It’s Mr. Stuart D’Costa, 1982 – 1990, mostly Primary Wing teacher, (briefly Junior Wing) . I just stumbled upon this site and it’s like a time machine. Wow! Thanks to everyone for sharing all your memories of SPS.

    Thought I’d share with you all that Mr. Desmond Vida passed away in Australia late last year. He visited me briefly before his untimely death in a car accident. Mr. Desmond Vida, Mr. Colin Watson, Mr. Rocky Miller and myself share fond memories of our days in the Primary Wing while we were teachers there.

    I remember so many of you guys that have written in; and now that I’ve found this site, I’ll keep checking in here. Again, thank you for the memories. My email contact is

  74. Tony Davies Says:

    I’ve tried to send a picture to you on a couple of occasions but my mail just gets returned as unable to deliver. You can contact me if you wish at (just substitute AT for @ and your mail should reach me)

  75. Niraj Khetan Says:


    It was a surprise to come across this site. Wow! this is an awesome community and for sure it feels proud to be a part of it. I was in School from 1988 to 1998 and loved all of it.

    I would like to use this platform to share a quick information. There is a grand plan of a ALL Batch reunion at St. Paul’s being drafted for sometime in 2014. (Yes, it is the 1st time ever in our history of almost 190 years, a reunion at SCHOOL!).

    We have a blog & an FB page on it with details. Earnest request to all to pls have a look at it if you are interested.

    BLOG :

    Further, for any details do write in at

    It would be a pleasure to help.


  76. Shantanu Chakraborty Says:

    Just came across this sight. Undoubtedly the best time of my life was spent in St. Paul’s (Westcott – 1979-1982, Hastings – 1982 – 1986). So many memories. As I browse through, was particularly touched by Ms. Tina Singh’s comments. Indeed, those days in St. Pauls are worth romanticizing about. The world has changed so much since then!! Let us hope the school regains/retains its glory in the years to come. It offered so much to all of us!

    Best regards to all

  77. Jim Eric Says:

    My dear Old Paulites,
    I want to send my Son to St. Paul in Std. 11 in 2013-14 session. Can anyone advice me about school’s present status i.e. Discipline, Academic, hostel life for gentle teenagers and the general atmosphere, etc. so that it can help me in making the right decision. Thanks In Advance.

  78. Bryan Holder Says:

    Good day, I am researching my wife’s fathers background and believe that he was chaplain at St Pauls in the late 1940’s. His name was THOMAS GEORGE CECIL deVALL. If anyone has any information I would be most grateful to hear from you.


  79. sujoy kumar dey Says:

    dear brothers(old paulites)
    at school from1977 to 84(llawrence)
    well mr tony all very nice about your official site which you havementioned in this site

    lLOGGING and Registering were like those selective chaps you could officially feed freinds on HOME a/c paid birthday (guess five guys)

    well dont know whether you relished bunking and making a underground bed to dodge the dammn di dead duck(HARDEEP SINGH)

    he is known thru a large number of years by the boys at school.

    there are some boys who are as much as ‘old paulites’ who, due to some unforseen reason ,never had the good luck to see the cubes and the great life when in the sixth form.

    you know a funny thing that chaps have joined in 5th form and PASSED OUT in a year have been active members of your “registered site”
    i have a nephew you joined as a toddler under mrs dang in the old st andrews which became a infirmary ,and when our mr dang built the current great primary,CURRENTLY, i beleive that the old st andrews have been taken over by SQUATTERS
    due to local problems in and after mr dang left the number of students came to to quater of its strenght in a Class.
    your forum cannot take take in those boys becoz ther were BUNKERS at school.

    as recalled, those who got thru the final exam in school(sr cambridge/isc)were charged to home a/c and given tokens to celebrate that you finally became an old paulite or MEMBER OF OPA(parent body)

    this who ever has put up gives an oppurtunity to share their bond with school ,who inspite of being at darj for so long but never got to sixth form(class 12).

    yours for the leftover during special dinner(plastic packet)

  80. Tony Davies Says:

    Sujoy, my apologies for the late reply to your post. I no longer have any connection with the website you mention so could not comment regarding any who have registered there. The site is now rarely visited by the owner so it all seems something of a free-for-all regarding membership and content. Emails from me to the owner also go unanswered.
    I only spent three years at SPS, but for me they were defining years. My regret is that I couldn’t finish my education there, and no other educational facility afterwards came close to the high standards I had been used to at SPS.

  81. Ankit Shrivastava Says:

    I was in SPS from 2005-2010… I was in Hunt… The five years that I spent in the school were the best of my life.. I have still not forgotten a single thing..the bunks, the fever and stomachache excuses, the late night dramas, saturday movie, pillow fighting, project exhibition, comic book fanaticism, digging holes in the Carter’s field, getting a nickname from Mr. Alva, visits to other schools, athletics, cheering for our house, bullying(in a good way), the dining hall, GHD feast, town outings, INOX movies, Glennery’s, birthday bumps, Hasty Tasty, the morning being woken up with a stick on my ass by Jaggu, the wed and sat baths, teasing the graves on our way to senior wing, diwali, Christmas gifts, Sports Day, YO-YOs, respect from relatives and many more countless good memories..This school gave me friends for a lifetime..teachers to make me what I am today.. I won 6 medals in my stay at SPS…… As one guy earlier said, we counted the days for our GHD but now I crave to go back to SPS..I really crave…

  82. Ankit Shrivastava Says:

    I am actually crying while viewing this page.. I miss SPS soo soo much…

  83. Dr Rana Singh Says:

    Once a Paulite always a Paulite …!! I have spent my early 5 yrs of my Childhood at SPS 1999 to 2003 … SPS a school better than Hogwarts i guess … Well every moment Spent here is Precious and Preserved … Memories down Up the lane of SPS is still so clear on the Theater Screen of my Forehead when I close my eyes … Emotions rush through my Veins when I remember my days spent at SPS … The Tall pine trees, The Misty fog swimming across your face, The rain and sweat of a Marrathon Race crossing Goom, The Sports day Excitement, The Town leaves in the Blue 3 piece suit, Hiding Tuck stuffs in socks to escape the tuck monitors, The Chicken on Wednesday and Saturday, The Silence of Chapel, Mr Pandeys Brahma palm, The pinching of Mrs Lawrence, The Dettol spray of Mr Lawrence for late risers in Jonson Hall Dorm, Mr J Singhs Coaching. Miss Rozarios Cane . Mr Lepchas violin Mrs Rai and her Biological stuffs . The fight to sit first on the Dining table to chose the more quantified food plate, The Concerts, The GHD … I MEAN A FILM OR A BOOK IS NEVER SUFFICIENT TO POTRAY THE BEAUTY OF OUR PROUD SCHOOL St Paul’s School Darjeeling ….. Feels so Great to be a part of this WORLD WIDE FAMILY …… # Dr Rana Singh …

  84. Stuart D'Costa Says:

    Stuart D’Costa
    Today at 12:58pm

    Today, September 15, 2014, at daybreak in California, my dearest friend HARINDER SINGH, passed away. My daughter Erica and I spent some memorable days with him and his family in his beautiful Sacramento home. He treated us to a road trip to the scenic Lake Tahoe, and Reno, Nevada; it was his Birthday! “Thank you Sir, for taking me under your wings and mentoring me from our good old days at St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, and for all the times we shared together. I thank God for the honor and privilege of knowing you.”

    My prayers and condolences are with the family as they navigate this period of grief. Harinder will live on in our hearts, forever.

    He was a pillar of strength at St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling for many years, and will be missed, and remembered, by the many Paulites he inspired. A loving, caring, and humble colleague, he truly was: and I respectfully, always called him, “Sir”, just as every student did. I am remembering my days as a teacher at St. Paul’s with Harinder; the Early Morning Runs, the PT Exercises and Routines, Marathon runs, Sports Day, Boxing Spars and the Finals in the ring with him in his Navy Blazer. They were all his specialties, but Boxing was the Hallmark that set him apart, and made him this unique person with such a strong character. If I am not mistaken, I believe he represented India overseas in Boxing, during his service years in the Indian Navy, before joining St. Paul’s. Here was a man of integrity and humility, and I am certain, all of us who knew him, students and colleagues alike, would testify to his stature.

    A bright light has diminished here on earth, only to take its rightful place in the heavenly night sky. Moniti Meliora Sequamur. WE LOVE YOU SIR. RIP.

  85. Tony Davies Says:

    Reading the comments since my last post it seems not much, apart from the date, has changed at my old Alma Mater. I’ve been back to SPS a couple of times in the past few years (2003 and 2005) and was pleasantly surprised to see the school looking as I remember it. The new building housing the computer room has blended nicely into it’s surroundings and the water gathering project can only benefit the long term needs of the school.

    On a different note, nice obituary Stuart. Beautifully written.

  86. Aninda Kanti Samanta Says:

    from the low and stemy plains upward the old skl calls st pauls st pauls st pauls….

  87. Hari Dang Padma Shri Says:

    Dear All : I had the privilege of re-visiting after 31 Years and stayed at The Rectory with Revd Joy Halder and his Family and The School from 10-11 June, till 16 June, 2015……Chapel Matin and Services et al and met OB’s, and Harish Mukhia and …..Retired Rector Revd David Howard has improved SPS, and also built the new Howard Block in his 20 years…….Glorious……..and the HMI and Glenburn……and Darjeeling………..and Sanjay Bansal of Ambootia has done so much for Darjeeling an Tea……….much gratitude to all, Hari Dang [; 9810743433; 9871734504; 8901236291; 0124-232290; 1024-4015433] New Delhi, Landour Cantt. above Woodstock, and Gurgaon, Haryana.

  88. N Chakraborty Says:

    I am currently staying at London and will be back very soon to West Bengal. And is desparately looking forward to admit my son (5 year old) to SPS. I know that probably this is not the correct site to request for the information. But while visited this website, I can not restrict myself requesting all the old Paulites, if they can help my son to be a future ‘Paulite’. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  89. lathish kumar Says:

    I have put my son at sps the years before .cosmopolitan way of life he has developed is amazing.he is different human being now.his personality, his way of life thinking universal i think i did good thing in my life .thank u sps.

  90. S S Bhattacharjee Says:

    Hi was in SPS from 81-87, Anderson. Clive and then Havelock; perhaps the best phase of my life.
    had seen a post of Ashique Ali of my batch. Would love to have his contact details please

  91. S S Bhattacharjee Says:

    Hi Apaarjeet, could you please give me contact details or mail ID of Ashique Ali, who had posted here sometimes back. I was his classmate

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