My horoscope for today follows…

My horoscope for today follows, can one be more sentimental, hell yeah

“The day will come when you aren’t as quick as you are now, and your body isn’t as healthy as it once was.

The only thing you’ll have throughout your entire life that you can be proud of is your word.

Take the time to reflect on the promises you’ve made that you have yet to follow through on.

Show the people in your life that you are trustworthy in keeping your promises.

It will guarantee that you will always have their respect.”

That read here’s a promise!

For all you people who got smashed last night…

for all you people who got smashed last night or

overindulged on food….

O wombe! O bely! O stynkyng cod!

Fulfilled of donge and of corrupcioun,

At either ende of thee foul is the soun;

trans: (sorry probably not necessary but for me it was)

O gut! O belly! O you stinking cod,

Filled full of dung, with all corruption found!

At either end of you foul is the sound.

anyway can’t wait to see dad!

I just read an article on this guy, ..:he makes $…

I just read an article on this guy,

..:he makes $70000 a month, sheer genius:..

the site is great, although a little depressing too,

do see the hall of fame section…..

Writer Allan Sealy journeys across North America…

“Writer Allan Sealy journeys across North America, Canada and Mexico training an Eastern gaze at the West.”

Yukon to Yucatan since we are on the topic of going to exotic places, I figured a reverse point of view might make for some interesting reading.

Sweet Princess Priya:

Sweet Princess Priya:

I dont *write* good poetry, I only *copy* it, alas… *sigh*… (though in encourage myself by repeating the dictum from a once-famous man that while good artists borrow, great artists STEAL — so maybe next time i ought not to quote my source…) 😉

When we do meet in Hyderabad you will be able to appreciate first hand how little i have to say for myself when I am unable to copy from one great author or another!

Kind Dr Chopi, but we ARE going to do just that… though in my case we may be drinking WHISKEY from coconuts!

(I got to say, though, it would taste a lot better with you around).

ok ok ok enough of this back to work…

I didn’t mean do the website,

I didn’t mean do the website, I meant pack up and leave…..

sit on a beach and drink rum out of coconuts…..