Hello Priya! This is what I really ought to say…

Hello Priya!

This is what I really ought to say to you, in the words of Odysseus, who, in book VI, shiprecked on Scheria, emerges naked and exhausted from the woods to beg aid of young Princess Nausikaa:

“O queen,” he said, “I implore your aid- but tell me, are you a goddess or are you a mortal woman? If you are a goddess and dwell in heaven, I can only conjecture that you are Jove’s daughter Diana, for your face and figure resemble none but hers; if on the other hand you are a mortal and live on earth, thrice happy are your father and mother- thrice happy, too, are your brothers and sisters; how proud and delighted they must feel when they see so fair a scion as yourself going out to a dance; most happy, however, of all will he be whose wedding gifts have been the richest, and who takes you to his own home. I never yet saw any one so beautiful, neither man nor woman, and am lost in admiration as I behold you. I can only compare you to a young palm tree which I saw when I was at Delos growing near the altar of Apollo- for I was there, too, with much people after me, when I was on that journey which has been the source of all my troubles. Never yet did such a young plant shoot out of the ground as that was, and I admired and wondered at it exactly as I now admire and wonder at yourself. I dare not clasp your knees, but I am in great distress; yesterday made the twentieth day that I had been tossing about upon the sea. The winds and waves have taken me all the way from the Ogygian island, and now fate has flung me upon this coast that I may endure still further suffering; for I do not think that I have yet come to the end of it, but rather that heaven has still much evil in store for me.

“And now, O queen, have pity upon me, for you are the first person I have met, and I know no one else in this country. Show me the way to your town, and let me have anything that you may have brought hither to wrap your clothes in. May heaven grant you in all things your heart’s desire- husband, house, and a happy, peaceful home; for there is nothing better in this world than that man and wife should be of one mind in a house. It discomfits their enemies, makes the hearts of their friends glad, and they themselves know more about it than any one.”

So kindly consider my suit, Madam…

(The rest of you check out Complete Set of Links to The Odyssey includes links to original greek text, and every extant latin and English language translation!).

well, heeeeelllllooooooooooooo Princess Priya!!!!!…

well, heeeeelllllooooooooooooo Princess Priya!!!!!!!

Many many many many thanks! we’ll make a point of coming around to looking you up in Hyderabad — just as soon as we get put together our elephant train, camels, harem slaves, etc. (we may have to stop here and there along the way for a tiger shoot, you know those pesky tigers)!!! Sooner or later we will make it there! Keep the punkah wallah on stand-by!

Now, here’s a link

Now, here’s a link actually WORTH noting:

entire Shakespeare online xo xo

Chopragupta The Great

dear friends–

I thought I’d make my first entry with a word of thanks to my dear friend, Apaarjeet (also known in Poland as Prince Chopi The First:, Dr Chopi, or HRH Chopragupta The Great):

“Sicilia cannot show himself over-kind to Bohemia. They were trained together in their childhoods; and there rooted betwixt them then such an affection, which cannot choose but branch now. Since their more mature dignities and royal necessities made separation of their society, their encounters, though not personal, have been royally attorneyed with interchange of gifts, letters, loving embassies; that they have seemed to be together, though absent, shook hands, as over a vast, and embraced, as it were, from the ends of opposed winds. The heavens continue their loves!”

(Shakespeare, Winter’s Tale, I, 1)

Hope this little place will allow for just that — “interchange of gifts, letters, loving embassies”! Thanks, Chopi!

Anybody interested in, metaphysical poetry?

Anybody interested in metaphysical poetry?

Okay maybe not or maybe so but the site is pretty interesting. If you’re feeling introspective.