Haplogroup M* – my mothers direct maternal line

My Mother's Genographic History - Link

This is my mother’s direct maternal line’s migratory pattern. These are her results from participating in the National Geographic’s Genographic Project.

Her mtDNA identifies her as:“Your mtDNA results identify you as a member of haplogroup M*. The asterisk indicates that this is a macro-haplogroup. This haplogroup is the final destination of a genetic journey that began some 150,000 years ago with an ancient mtDNA haplogroup called L3.”

Read more about her results here

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    This is my line too. Very interesting to learn. My Mother is from the Philippines and I’ve grown up in Rhode Island. It was very exciting to me to learn about this ancestry and wonder if some of my traits and preferences have anything to do with this beautiful history.

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