The Darjeeling Limited Prologue: Hotel Chevalier

hotel chevalier, the darjeeling limited prologue This 13 minute short is a prologue to The Darjeeling Limited movie ( watch that trailer here ), point being to add some backstory to the Jason Schwartzman character in said movie.

The doomed romance has Natalie Portman as well, which leads him to take the journey to India with his brothers.

It’s available on iTunes for free for a short while, Hotel Chevalier .


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  1. Jose
    Jose says:

    I always say Life Aquatic… but that’s siglhtly ingenuine because a man I once dated holds full responsibility for turning me onto that film. Even now when I watch it I wonder if my heart beats fast for the film, or for the memory of falling in love with it while simultaneously falling in love with the person who put it into the dvd player. So, really the truth is: Rushmore. Because that one I fancied hard all on my own. And Bill Murray is especially genius, ha… that scene in the hospital elevator with the double cigs in his mouth and the beer can kills me every time.

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